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A useful bidding resource that explains how to use storyboarding to help you plan content for different parts of your bid

Quick guide to Storyboards

Review service

Executive summaries

Want to capture the key messages in your proposal and explain why you are the best company to deliver a service?

You need an Executive Summary.

Quick guide to Executive Summaries

Features, Benefits, Discriminators and Proof Points

Features, Benefits, Discriminators and Proof Points 

Do you understand the difference between features, benefits and discriminators?

Do you know how to prove you can deliver them?  If not, you need this guide.

Quick guide to Features, Benefits, Discriminators and Proof Points

"I feel I now have a strong base on which to progress my skills and the information and tools to go forth and win a bid" "Excellent learning points, in particular the Executive Summary and Storyboards." (Feedback from a Bid Training Day)